Skyline (2010)

Rated: PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some language, and brief sexual content.
Length: 94 minutes
Grade: B+,C,X,X =B
Rotten Tomatoes: 17% favorable, 3.6/10 average
Budget: $10 million
Box Office: $75 million (21 U.S., 46 Intl., 8 DVD)

Written by: Joshua Cordes and Liam O’Donnell (First script for either)
Directed by: Colin & Greg Strause (Aliens vs Predator-Requiem)
Starring: Eric Balfour and Donald Faison
With: Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, and David Zayas.

Two college friends now reunited for a weekend find themselves in the middle of an alien invasion of Los Angeles, in which bionic gatherers are harvesting human bodies for their brain matter.

As science fiction films go, this is not a great one. It surely could have been done better, and the plot defects came to their climax in the very end scene. Nevertheless, I found it a lot of fun. Maybe I just felt like this was the movie District 9 promised to be and never was. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for Donald Faison from his Scrubs days. Or maybe I was just in a weird mood. But whatever the reason, I found this to be a fairly entertaining, visually impressive film made by four guys who really have no business making movies on their own, since their only real background is in visual effects. Yes, great sci-fi is driven by plot, but once in awhile it’s alright to have nothing deeper than a funky action/sci-fi/horror movie. Also, if there is one thing I liked about this movie, it’s that it’s anything but the “we shall overcome” plot that so many other alien invasion movies inevitably follow. If space-conquering species came to earth, do you really think Wil Smith would be enough to lead us to victory? By the way, it is most definitely PG-13, probably better as R-15 for violence, language and sexuality, just so you know.

Overall Grade: B
Even though I’m sure I’m well in the minority on this one.

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