Runaways, The (2010)

Rated: R for language, drug use and sexual content - all involving teens.
Length: 106 minutes
Grade: D,F,F,D=D
Rotten Tomatoes: 68%
Budget: $10 million
Box Office: $9 million (4 U.S., 1 Intl., 4 DVD)

Written and Directed by: Floria Sigismondi (Only film), based on the book by Cherie Currie
Starring: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
With: Michael Shannon

This is the story of the pioneering all-girl teenage rock band, The Runaways, which included Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

When I wasn’t irritated or nauseated by this movie, I was bored with it. It’s a terribly vulgar (though I suspect roughly accurate) portrayal of the filthy underside of rock and roll then and (probably) now. It shows the exploitation of it, the sex and drug culture, and the rebellion at the heart of rock’s history. All this, in a way, makes me almost want to give it a better grade, perhaps even a high one, for just the sake of being honest. The rock industry chews people up and spits them out, especially those with fragile backgrounds, and with their own (dubiously capable) consent. Fun and interesting this isn’t. Disturbing and dark without any hint of an apology this is. I specifically wrote this review so you wouldn't make the mistake of thinking this is just another lighthearted teen band movie.

Overall Grade: D
If someone hated rock and roll for all the right reasons, they couldn’t have made a better, more scathing critique of it than this movie.

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