Oceans (2010)

Rated: G
Length: 103 minutes
Grade: CACC=C
Budget: $80 million
Box Office: $84 million (19 U.S., 63 Intl., 2 DVD)

Written and Directed by: Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud (First notable film for both)
Narrated by: Pierce Brosnan

This is Disney’s effort to recapture the glory days of Disney nature films following their release of Earth and The Crimson Wing. It’s a presentation of amazing underwater footage from Earth’s five oceans with some light narration about what’s going on and how man has been harming aquatic life.

Entertainment Value: C
This is periodically breathtaking, but otherwise actually profoundly dull. I walked away feeling like I had seen a lot of pretty things but had learned virtually nothing. It’s really a case of opportunity lost in terms of explaining what might have been going on or educating me about things in the ocean that were mysterious. That being said, the cinematography really is amazing. I just felt a bit bored by it toward the end.

Superficial Content: A
Drugs/Alcohol A, Sex/Nudity A, Violence A, Language A
Seriously? It’s G.

Significant Content: C
On the one hand, this will be seen by some as a bit heavy-handed on the eco-harms of mankind. But I thought the perspective was pretty light compared to other similar kinds of presentations. And fair, quite frankly. Some will be bothered by the evolutionary hints, but even these seemed light compared to other films. In reality, the narration is there just to add a British accent, I suppose. The main point of this film is to just see it, and that’s all. The real missed opportunity, however, is that all this overwhelming glorious creation was not credited to the God Who made it. Sad, but perhaps the creative genius behind all these stunning creatures speaks of itself even when the narrator forgets that bit.

Artistic/Thought Value: C
As I said, they sort of managed to just miss being a variety of things they could have been in an effort, I hope, to mostly just be amazing video footage.

Discussion Questions:
~Is mankind harming the oceans as much as this movie seems to believe? Do you tend to believe the oceans are strong and resilient or weak and fragile? Which view does this film endorse?
~What insights about God did you draw from what you saw in this movie?
~Is God’s creation entirely for man’s benefit or for it’s own sake and pleasure of entertaining God?
~Is it important to preserve the ocean and ocean life? Who is responsible for this task? Do you think God will be angry with us if we fail to do so?
Overall Grade: C+
I wish I could have liked this more, and I’m sure many people did. It’s worth seeing once. Our kids enjoyed the wild creatures they saw.

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