Cop Out (2010)

Rated: R for pervasive language including sexual references, violence and brief sexuality.
Length: 107 minutes
Grade: BFCD=B
Budget: $30 million
Box Office: $66 million (45 U.S., 11 Intl., 10 DVD)

Written by: Robb and Mark Cullen (TV shows like Las Vegas and Heist)
Directed by: Kevin Smith (Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Clerks 1+2, Jersey Girl, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, and Clerks)
Starring: Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan
With: Seann William Scott, Jason Lee, Kevin Pollack, Adam Brody, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

An odd couple of unorthodox detectives get involved in bringing down a Mexican drug gang when the leader comes into possession of a rare baseball card one of the detectives had stolen from him when he was about to sell it to pay for his daughter’s wedding.

Entertainment Value: B
Hilarious, but terribly vulgar. That’s pretty much what you need to know about this movie. I don’t even need to watch the director commentary to know what Kevin Smith was trying to do here. This is an homage (especially obvious given the entire scene where Tracy Morgan can’t pronounce that word properly) to 80s interracial police action comedies such as Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon, and 48 Hours. There’s a hilarious black guy, a rival team of detectives, weak plot, and lots of dark humor. Not black humor. Dark humor. Judge Reinhold would be proud, and I’m actually a bit surprised he didn’t cameo. Sean William Scott and Tracy Morgan are hilarious. One note, Guillermo Diaz is genuinely brilliant as Poh Boy, and it’s a shame that a movie like this would never permit him any consideration for best supporting actor. Best new bad guy since Christopher Walz.

Superficial Content: F
Drugs/Alcohol C, Sex/Nudity D, Violence F, Language F
It’s all about a drug gang, although I don’t think any drugs were shown. Plenty of people are injured, killed, and even tortured. Language is extremely heavy, both in explicit words and in vulgar subject matter, including sexual references. This is definitely R rated and not for kids.

Significant Content: D
Pride will get you in trouble, but it’s okay if you’re Bruce Willis. Breaking the rules is fine if it’s funny. Clean up your own messes. Trust your wife. And always make sure you get the bad guys.
Artistic/Thought Value: D
There’s no particular thought value here at all. The only reason this isn’t an F is because I recognize the artistic talent it required to successfully make such a faithful homage to a genre. I mean this had it all: getting suspended by the chief, pursuing the case anyhow, marital struggles, a bad guy who takes the beautiful girl, and a hilarious minor criminal who bonds with the detectives and almost becomes a sidekick.
Overall Grade: B
It’s not as good as any of the movies it’s trying to honor, but it is worthy of being in the category. Enjoy it if you don’t mind all the filthy content. Learn what you need to know from the subtitle: “Cop Out: Rock Out With Your Glock Out.”

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